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How can Blue Reef help you?

Blue Reef provides an Internet Management Platform and Managed Service for hundreds of schools around Australia, New Zealand and Internationally.

Enable Digital Citizenship:

When a student graduates after 13 years of schooling, it's expected that they know how to use the Internet in a safe and responsible way. Blue Reef gives you a fully-customisable platform to teach students to use the Internet responsibly, keeping them on task and ensuring they meet your School's cultural and curriculum goals.

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John Cregan

We use Blue Reef to teach our kids to use the Internet responsibly by giving them a snapshot of what they use the Internet for on a daily basis, how much data they use and what they should be doing online every day based on our expectations. We've found it to be very effective.

John Cregan

Network Administrator

Dunraig Senior High School

Ensure CyberSafety:

Providing a safe, online environment, ensuring child welfare and maintaining duty of care is paramount in a modern school environment. Blue Reef keeps students on track, providing complete visibility and meaningful reports for early identification of potential issues.

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Gerardo D'Amico

The Internet can be a really dangerous place, especially for kids. With Blue Reef's help, not only can we keep the bad stuff away from the kids, but also see what they're doing in real-time.

Gerardo D'Amico

IT Manager

St. Mary's College

Improve Online Behaviour:

With a safe and secure online environment, together with a customised digital citizenship program aimed at empowering teachers in the classroom, optimising delivery of online curriculum and enabling anywhere, anytime learning, you should start to see a postive change in student online behaviour.

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Some of our Schools:

  • Glen Waverley Secondary College
  • St. Kevin's College
  • Kambala
  • SCEGGS Darlinghurst
  • Rockhampton Grammar School
  • Trinity College Gawler
  • St. Mary's Anglican Girls' School
  • Perth College
  • Aquinas College
  • St. Cuthbert's College
  • Christian Community Ministries
  • Swan Christian Education Association

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